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Wholesome Whiskers Dog Treats - Duck Liver

Wholesome Whiskers

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Suitable for Cats & Dogs

Abundant in essential nutrients, duck liver offers dogs and cats a flavorful way to support healthy skin, lustrous coats, and resilient immune systems. Its high-quality proteins contribute to strong muscles and efficient repair, while its natural vitamins promote vitality. Bursting with antioxidants, duck liver bolsters their immune defenses, enhancing their overall wellness. Plus, its omega-3 fatty acids nurture coats and skin, while its unique taste delights their senses.

Experience the incredible advantages of our freeze-dried duck liver treats, meticulously crafted to preserve nutritional integrity. Our freeze-drying process maintains the rich nutrients of duck liver, ensuring your pets enjoy the full spectrum of benefits. Moreover, freeze drying imparts a longer shelf life, so you can conveniently treat your pets to wholesome rewards whenever they deserve them. The freeze-dried method secures flavors and nutrients naturally, eliminating the need for artificial preservatives. Discover the exceptional blend of nutrition, flavor, and extended freshness that freeze-dried duck liver can bring to your pets' lives.

Always consult your veterinarian before introducing new foods to their diet for a balanced and joyful life.

Vet Approved!

Our vet-approved products prioritize your pets' well-being. Crafted to meet high safety and quality standards, these items have earned veterinary professionals' endorsement. With vet-approved products, you're ensuring the best care for your pets' health and happiness.


Our products are a hit with all, even finicky eaters! The delicious flavors and quality ingredients ensure a delightful mealtime. From picky pets to enthusiastic eaters, our offerings cater to diverse palates, providing satisfaction and nourishment in every bite.