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Wholesome Whiskers Dog Treats - Rabbit Spine Chew

Wholesome Whiskers

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Suitable for Cats & Dogs

Novel proteins like rabbit offer a unique option that can be particularly advantageous for pets with sensitivities to common proteins.Rich in essential nutrients, rabbit spines offer a delectable way to support joint health, oral hygiene, and overall vitality. Their natural texture promotes dental health, while the high-quality proteins contribute to robust muscles and efficient repair. Rich in calcium and phosphorus, rabbit spines also aid in maintaining healthy bones, teeth and promotes mobility.

Rabbit spines, as satisfying chews, provide dogs and cats with more than just a delicious treat. Beyond their nutritional value, these chews offer vital mental stimulation that engages their minds and promotes a sense of well-being. The act of gnawing and chewing on the rabbit spine can provide a satisfying and enriching experience, alleviating anxiety and restlessness, especially in nervous pets. The sensory engagement in consuming rabbit spines can provide a calming effect and a healthy outlet for excess energy.

Discover the exceptional advantages of our freeze-dried rabbit spine treats, carefully created to preserve nutritional value. Our meticulous freeze-drying process ensures that the beneficial nutrients of rabbit spines are retained, providing your pets with the full spectrum of advantages. Moreover, freeze drying imparts an extended shelf life, allowing you to treat your pets to wholesome rewards whenever they deserve them. With flavors and nutrients naturally locked in, there's no need for artificial preservatives. Uncover the remarkable blend of nutrition, taste, mental engagement, and extended freshness that freeze-dried rabbit spines can bring to your pets' lives.

Always consult your veterinarian before introducing new foods to their diet for a balanced, joyful, and mentally stimulating life.


Vet Approved!

Our vet-approved products prioritize your pets' well-being. Crafted to meet high safety and quality standards, these items have earned veterinary professionals' endorsement. With vet-approved products, you're ensuring the best care for your pets' health and happiness.


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