Roeckl Unisex MOYO Gloves


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Roeckl Unisex MOYO Gloves

The summer cannot come early enough! In the warm season female and male equestrians alike are looking forward to the airy and light riding glove MOYO by ROECKL SPORTS with its sporty design. This particularly comfortable summer model thrills with stretchy suntan™ Mesh on the backhand, an innovative material which holds all the aces on very sunny and hot summer days: It is not only pleasantly thin and supple, ensuring a comfortable wear climate, but it also lets UV rays pass through, thus preventing unwanted tan lines on the wrist. In addition, it ensures a snug fit and great flexibility for the hands and fingers in combination with sophisticated and exclusive COMFORT-CUT. Soft, thin PU-material is used on the palm – for a safe and reliable grip on the reins without compromising the necessary tactility and precision when it comes to the connection with the sensitive horse’s mouth. A classical easy closure fastener on the wrist optimizes the MOYO’s already excellent fit. Last, but not least: the look. Here this model scores with a generous ROECKL logo across the back of the hand, giving the glove a dynamic, self-confident look. By the way, riding gloves should be washed regularly so that their function is maintained and their product life increased. You can simply clean the MOYO in your washing machine at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).


Backhand: suntan™ Mesh

Palmhand: Soft PU